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Don't look back- look forward with infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience-then alone can great deeds be accomplished.

- Swami Vivekanand


“The objective of the Foundation is to preserve, nurture, and promote culture and right value system that would make a positive impact on the youth’s outlook”

Abhyudaya Foundation was established in December, 1998 with a corpus of Rs. 5 crore contributed by Mr. B.M. Rao, Chairman of the foundation. The primary objective is to create a better tomorrow for the children of today.


The Foundation aims at upholding the "Bharatiya Sanskriti" right from the childhood in a righteous path and to transfer the same to the coming generation.


A few of Abhyudaya Foundation activities: A Model Girls High School at Pithapuram on a 5-acre land at a cost of Rs. 1 crore, the objective being a girl educated, not only the family educated, but the "society as well"; a library; a community hall. Recently provided infrastructure facility for a children NICU (for new borns) and a full ! edged 4-bed ICU with all amenities and equipments at the CMC Hospital at Pithapuram.

“The very ‘Sankalp’ behind the Foundation and its activities is the divine order of Lord Venkateswara and hence this is His work. As His instrument I have commenced this work which I humbly dedicate to - My Dear Parents, Sadguru, my teachers, my family members, my employers, my friends, and to all those who have been an inspiration to me during the last 80 years and more. Last but not the least, the Foundation’s work is also dedicated to all those who have a concern for the society and who have been promoting, nurturing the Indian Culture and Arts, and right value system among all sections of the society, especially the youth who are the future of this country.

Badam Madhava Rao

 ‘‘JJanani Janmabhoomishcha Swargaadapi Gariyasi”

In Sanskrit it means: mother and motherland mean more than heaven; and it means more than the world to BMR himself. Beginning with the renovation of the centuries-old “Kunthi Madhavaswamy” temple, the Foundation also built a library and a community hall at Pithapuram … and the good work goes on till today…


The Foundation is one of the initial contributors of Rs. 2,50,000 to the Akshaya Patra Scheme (midday meal scheme for school children) run by ISKCON, Bengaluru. The Foundation has also contributed to a number of social, cultural, and educational organisations across the state of Andhra Pradesh. To name a few : the Institution of Engineers Building, Kakinada Eye Foundation, Saraswathi Gana Sabha, Sangeeta Sravanthi, Andhra Music Academy, Ashrama Sravan (Old-age Home), etc. Abhyudaya Foundation aims at upholding the great “Bharatiya Sanskriti” – the fountainhead of priceless knowledge and abundant righteousness.

The Foundation has instituted several awards to recognise eminent personalities in different fields.


Abhyudaya Sahiti Puraskar for literary brilliance

(a citation, a memento, a purse of Rs. 25,000) – 2011

Sri Ampasayya Naveen, Warangal. Recipient of 2009

Central Sahitya Academy ‘Writer in Residency’ Award.

Sri A. N. Jagannadha Sharma, Editor, ‘Navya’ weekly, 2012

Sri Syed Saleem, IRS, Joint Commissioner of Income Tax,

Hyderabad. Recipient of 2010 Central Sahitya Academy Award

Abhyudaya Seva Puraskar (a citation, a memento,

a purse of Rs. 25,000)

Sri P. V. Ramanaiah Raja, Chairman, Sri Raja Lakshmi Foundation, Chennai for being a role model in honouring world famous personalities in different fields for over 30 years.

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