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The Foundation is just doing what it believes is right.


The Foundation has also contributed to a number of social, cultural and educational organisations across the state of Andhra Pradesh. To name
a few, the Institute of Engineers Building, Kakinada Eye Foundation, Saraswathi Gana Sabha, Sangeeta Sravanthi, Andhra Music Academy, Ashrama Sravan (Old-age Home) among others.


Abhyudaya Foundation extends financial assistance for higher education to the talented and needy, without any discrimination. The Foundation generously donates for various deserving causes irrespective of caste, creed, or religion.



Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri Nedunuri Krishnamurthy is the Honorary Advisor to the Trust. The trust honours eminent musicians with a cash award of Rs. 50,000, a citation and a Gold Medal. A music concert is organized in his memory every month by Sangeeta Sravanthi, Kakinada. The Trust has published Srimadramayana Tatwa Kadhanam by Balavyasa, as interpreted by Sri Varanasi Subrahmanya Sastry Garu of Pithapuram.



B.M. Rao firmly believes that the virtuous values that he treasures must be passed on to the next generations – quite like how we transfer our acquired wealth to our heirs. He quotes, “It is our arts and culture that bond us together.” In tune with its mantra of propagating ‘Bharatiya Sanskriti’, Abhyudaya Foundation organizes a cultural festival of the highest quality and calibre, every year. Many a celebrated musician and dancer has repeatedly expressed his or her devout gratitude in performing under the aegis of Abhyudaya Foundation.



The Foundation has provided advanced infrastructure facility for a children’s ICU and a full-fledged 4-bed ICU with all amenities and equipments at a cost of around Rs. 15 lakhs at the Christian Medical Centre and Hospital at Pithapuram



B.M. Rao’s gift to his “granddaughters” – The Girls’ High School at Pithapuram was built at a cost of over Rs.1 crore. Established to help the underprivileged children, it is the flagship project of the Foundation.

The school is not just a modern-day educational institution but an ideology in itself. In BMR’s own words, “The primary objective was to create a better tomorrow for the children of today”. 



Abhyudaya Foundation House in Pithapuram reflects a characteristic Indianness, reminiscent of a Golden Age mentioned in our history books and sacred texts. The building, built in 1936, was restored to its past glory at a cost of over Rs. 40 lakhs and was renamed by His Holiness Sri Sri Tridandi China Jeeyar Swamy as Abhyudaya House. It is proposed to establish a cultural library in the annexe to the building. The open space on the campus can accommodate about 200 people. The house is currently being used for health camps, book release functions, etc

Environmental Policy

B.M. Rao wants his ‘model’ school to be like a great oak, better still, like a majestic banyan tree, which is rooted in our indigenous value system; and which doesn’t let the tides of time erode what we have revered for centuries and generations. Today, The Girls’ High School– a landmark in itself - has approximately 1,000 students. Set in pristine surroundings, it is spread over 5 lush green acres; there are more than 1,000 trees on the campus!



Abhyudaya Foundation has been organizing annual music competitions for the last several years, to recognise and encourage talented youngsters. The competitions are divided into 2 age groups: ‘up to 15 years’ and ‘16 to 25 years’. Both vocal and instrumental performances are judged by eminent musicians, and cash-prizes for the winners range between Rs. 500 and Rs. 10,000.


Extraordinarily talented youngsters are presented with Silver/Gold Medals. A 3-member team of well known musicians form part of the evaluation team and prizes are awarded strictly on merit. With each passing year, the performance standards are soaring and, at times, the sheer talent of these youngsters is just incredible.


The competitions are initially held at Kakinada. Now the geographic coverage has spread and competitions are being held in 5 major cities (Comment : Should the cities be named ?)  across Andhra Pradesh. The events are conducted in a grand manner, attracting a larger audience every time.


‘Thyagaraja Pancharatna Seva’ exclusively by children is another remarkable event. State-level annual music competitions are followed by a one-hour formal concert by the prize winners – a unique concept – to inculcate in them the ‘kutcheri’ culture and to develop in them the confidence to perform in front of discerning audiences.


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